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Introducing my brand new HAND-DRAWN stickers! Each sticker was designed, drawn, and perfected with care. Inspiration comes from all over the place, and you'll see a large range of themes and characters with my stickers. 

Using only high-quality materials these stickers are perfect for:

  • your laptop (safely remove without marks!)
  • notebooks
  • planner
  • or anything you want to spice up!

This "Leftie Crochet" sticker is for all the creative souls out there - whether or not you crochet with your left hand. It's 3 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall at the highest place. Completely drawn and designed every little detail!

Each package comes with some extra love and sunshine from me and is sent with <3 from the UK.

This listing is ONLY for the Leftie Crochet sticker. If you'd like to get other stickers, head to my sticker collection!

If you're interested in making your own stickers, here's a referral link for £8 or $10 off your first order. You can also make custom packaging, tape, pins, and more.

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